The Most Important Ingredient

Gold Can Stay

IMG_3055His night is Tuesday, his brother Edgar’s is Wednesday, and August has Thursdays.

Now that school is back and session and routine is de rigueur, the boys each have their own night to cook–which means meal-planning on Saturdays, shopping on Sundays, setting the table, preparing the meal, and cleaning up–all with supervision, of course, commensurate to their respective ages and abilities.

There are so many good reasons to do this, so many benefits–certainly enhancing their collective understanding of what goes into meal-preparation, creating more opportunities to talk (about food, yes, but about everything else, too), and sneaking in a few chemistry and math lessons along the way.

Oscar sat back tonight and watched us all eat what he had made, the dishcloth draped jauntily over his right shoulder, his eyes moving from one ingesting family member to the next, pride written all over his face.  He waxed poetically about drizzling olive oil…

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