Necessity Is the Mother of Reinvention

Gold Can Stay

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~Mohandas Gandhi

I’ve known this for some time, could always articulate if you had asked–perhaps not as elegantly as Gandhi but an iteration of it to be sure.

But when you’re in the throes of difficulties, especially difficulties related to a loved one’s health, it is oh-so-easy to forget.

When our now-eight-year-old son Edgar was diagnosed with epilepsy nearly two years ago, my life’s focus pivoted and rested squarely on him and getting him to a point where he could, if it were possible, live seizure-free.  My focus on serving others was, embarrassingly, not even on the back burner.  It was farther away than that, much farther.

I wish I had remembered Gandhi’s words if not for the good they would have inspired me to do for others but for the ultimate good they would have done for me.  But…

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