Follow your path… even if there are detours

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I sometimes worry and second-guess myself when it comes to my writing and business goals. Do you?

Time spent worrying is wasted, absolutely wasted. Yet, sometimes, it’s difficult to see the goal if there are turns and bumps along the way.

Park benchIsn’t it so easy to take a time out, sit off to the side, and ponder and question which next steps and actions will be the best?

Here’s a secret: we don’t need each step we take toward our goal be ‘the best’. We just need to take the next step and get it done, so that we can then take the step after that.

Detours can, and will, pop up.

But here’s a key: detours (as is their definition) lead back to the original path, so they aren’t bad! We will get where we’re going.

So, even though it may not seem like it at times, more often…

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