Are we but a cancer cell to be eliminated?

Leonardo Boff

There are those who deny the Shoah (the Holocaust – the elimination of millions of Jews in Nazi concentration camps) and there are those who deny that the Earth is undergoing climate change. The first are held in contempt by the whole of humanity, the second, who until recently smiled cynically, now see their convictions being refuted, day by day, by undeniable facts. They can only continue by coercing some scientists into refusing to divulge all they know, as various and serious alternative media have exposed. It is the maddening form of reason that seeks to accumulate wealth at all costs.

Recently, we have seen extreme events of the greatest gravity: hurricanes Katrina and Sandy in the United States, terrible typhoons in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the tsunami of South East Asia, the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan that dangerously damaged the nuclear plants of Fukushima, and few days ago…

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