Caring for the body vs the cult of the body

Leonardo Boff

Understanding human existence, starting from the theory of complexity, is enriching. It is worth noting that we are complex beings, endowed with a convergence of countless factors, material, biological, energized, spiritual, earthly and cosmic. We possess an outward appearance with which we make others aware we are one of them and that we belong to the universe of the bodies. And we have an interior inhabited by vigorous positive and negative energies that form our psychic individuality. We are carriers of the dimension of the profound where the most important questions exist about the meaning of our journey through this world. These dimensions constantly coexist and interact, influencing each other and molding that which we call the human being.

We must care for everything in us. Otherwise, we lose the equilibrium among the forces of which we are constructed and dehumanize ourselves. In dealing with the topic of caring for…

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