WIGs and Other Goals for 2014

Live to Write - Write to Live

When I looked at my WIGs for 2013, initially I was disappointed. I like to check off boxes and complete my To Do lists, so I was frustrated to see I only accomplished 5 of my WIGs for 2013—out of 37!

But when I reviewed my list, I realized almost all of them were truly WIGs—so completely and Wildly Improbable! I also realized that if I’d been offered some of the opportunities I set as goals, I would have refused them—so how could they be goals?

I wrote more of a Bucket List than a goal list last year so I’m changing things up for 2014. I’m still making a list (I don’t think I could stop myself) but I’m going to change my rules for myself. To make my list for 2014, each WIG (which now stands for “Wildly Improbable Goal” AND “Wildly Inspiring Goal”) has to be:

  1. Something…

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