Carta por la Compasión. Boletín de marzo 2014. Salud


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March 2014 Newsletter – Focus on Healthcare

healthcareHistory of Medicine in Mexico — The People’s Demand
for Better Health by Diego Rivera

Dear Silviano,

Earlier this month, the Charter for Compassion International announced our Global Compassion Council (GCC) and our global members who are helping to guide the work of the Charter.  Of our thirty-seven members we have four who are from positions in Healthcare. Here is a brief bio for each:


Dr. Elizabeth Rider
Elizabeth Rider, MSW, MD, a pediatrician and medical educator, teaches and consults internationally on relationship-centered care, communication skills, professionalism, reflective practice, narrative, and healthcare education program development. An Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rider has been an invited speaker in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, and Taiwan, where she was invited by Taiwan’s Education Ministry to teach leaders from Taiwan’s 11 medical schools about teaching, assessing, and integrating communication…

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