When the Great Tribulation arrives, the Earth will at last have her well deserved rest

Leonardo Boff

It appears to me that the reflections of Waldemar Boff*, who practices ecology with small rural producers near the Surui river, in Baixada Fluminense, Brazil, are very opportune.

This is his text:

«No one knows the day or the hour with certainty. That is because, almost without realizing it, we are already in its midst. But it is coming, with ever greater intensity and clarity. When the great catastrophe occurs, it will appear to be a surprise.

Not withstanding that well documented data point to the inevitability of global changes due to climate, with consequences that scientists are trying to fathom, and that surely will worsen, the economic interests of the great nations and their leaders’ lack of vision keep them from taking the measures necessary to mitigate its effects and adapt their way of living to the Earth’s feverish state.

We can imagine a plausible scene in which hurricanes…

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