Count on the Unpredictability of a Writer’s Life

Live to Write - Write to Live

My year so far has been a mix of swarms and dry spells in regard to work-related writing.

How have the first six months of 2014 been for you?

Ebbs and flows aren’t any surprise for a freelance writer, or probably any self-employed person. There’s only so much we can predict with certainty, and even that can change, right?

You’re probably familiar with the quote “The best laid plans…”. And it’s so applicable to freelance writing (or life in general) because no matter how well we plan and get our tasks mapped out, there are an infinite amount of things that can detour us.

This can sound like a stressful way to live or run a business, but I think it’s easiest to accept that change is a constant and know that challenges will pop up in new and creative ways — all the time. If you accept change as a…

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