Who embarrassed Brazil at home and abroad

Leonardo Boff

It is part of the popular football culture to boo some of the players, the judges and, finally, some authority who happens to be present. But here, the insults, expletives and obscenities that even children could hear is unprecedented in Brazilian football. The harsh words were directed at the highest authority of the country, President Dilma Rousseff, who was in a back seat of the official gallery.

These shameful insults could only come from a class of people that still has visibility in the country, “people of the very White class A, uneducated and sexist”, commented Ana Thurler, a sociologist with the Center for Feminist Studies.

Those who know something of the history of Brazil, or who have read Gilberto Freyre, Jose Honorio Rodrigues and Sergio Buarque de Hollanda, know how to identify such groups immediately. They are sectors of our elites, the most conservative in the world, who lag…

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