Challenges of the Great Transformation (I)

Leonardo Boff

The Great Transformation consists of the transition from a market economy to a market society. Or, in other words, from a society with a market to a society consisting solely of the market. Markets have always existed in the history of humanity, but never has there existed a market society, that is, a society that makes the economy the sole axis structuring all social life, subordinating politics to it, and annulling ethics. Everything is for sale, even that which is sacred.

It is not about just any type of market. It is a market ruled by competition rather than by cooperation. What counts is the individual or corporative economic benefit, and not the common good of society as a whole. Benefits are generally achieved at the expense of the devastation of nature and the perverse fostering of social inequalities. In this sense, Thomas Piketty’s thesis in Capital in the XXI…

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